NFT from the Abyss

Deep down in an underwater parallel world, 100 beautiful and strange aliens are documented by Captain Nemo. They are all beautiful in their own way and they teach him the importance of preserving your environment.

The collection is called "Aliens from the Deep" and it is inspired by the mystery and beauty of the deep sea and the monsters it could host. It also brings awareness to marine life conservation.

This NFT collection of images was generated with the help of the artificial intelligence text to image Midjourney by LeMoon Art Studio.

Why are they reaching us ?

Learn, in a graphic novel entirely created with Midjourney text to image AI, how Captain Nemo found a portal to another universe in a deep trench, on one of his exploration. He will document this completely new world and lock it on the blockchain for us to remember.

The graphic novel will be available for free, in a digital version, for everyone to reed.

A limited paperback edition will be sent out to the first 50 NFT buyers.

A standard paperback edition will be available for purchase on Amazon.

Marine-life conservation at heart

The goal and utility of this project is to increase Marine-life Conservation awareness through a beautiful, fantastical underwater world. Captain Nemo is the perfect ambassador for this cause and to discover, listen and document theses aliens because he was the first ever fictional ecology activist.

Ocean conservation is vital, which is why we will donate 1% of the proceeds from every NFT sale to a non-profit organization. So when you buy our NFTs, you'll be helping save our planet! (Non profit will be announced soon).

Save the date !

First Drop is scheduled on November 11th 2022 on OpenSea

Floor Price : 0.01 ETH

Running on the main Ethereum chain.

Weekly updates & development to grow and evolve with NFT holders.



Meet the Aliens

Blue Dream







Night Sky


Sneak peek into the origins

Aliens from the Deep : a Captain Nemo's Adventure - The Graphic Novel